Rodrigo Duterte has signed a historic agreement for Philippines that will change the economy completely

The technological agreement signed by Duterte will double Philippines’s GDP.

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  • Online trading has been legalized in Philippines to support retiree allowances and support services for learning.
(Daily News) Rodrigo Duterte, business magnate, philanthropist, investor and president of Philippines, has signed the largest agreement of the century in Philippines. Taking a big step towards technology, the Philippines government approved this agreement and it was something that has been working to change Philippines’s technology, currency and monetary system.
The new Duterte agreement creates a platform for the citizens of Philippines to start generating income with cryptocurrency. This new platform is called Bitcoin Lifestyle. He is urging all citizens of Philippines to learn about Bitcoin Lifestyle quickly to get involved.
The platform, Bitcoin Lifestyle, helps the government generate money to support retired citizens and young students without raising taxes, as the influx of new immigrants has put pressure on social and welfare expenses. The Government of Philippines asserts that tax revenues will be huge and will benefit all citizens, and most of it will go to the financing of Philippines’s retirement and to counteract the crisis of learning support services.
Before going into details about what Bitcoin Lifestyle is and how this new platform works, let's explain some global financial statistics of the last decade. The richest 1% of the world currently controls 5.425 billion pesos, which is enough to give each person in Philippines a good 8-figure check of almost 30 million pesos a month for the rest of their lives. Since most of this wealth is marketed by Wall Street on a daily basis, in theory, it can be collected in its entirety and redistributed at any time. James Dagohoy has created an exclusive system that does exactly that! He has developed an algorithmic computer code that surpasses any human trader on earth by analyzing the last 5 years of successful commercial exchanges. Based on these commercial exchanges, the system automatically operates on its own to produce a profit rate of 80%. What's the trick? Currently, it is only benefiting the average person between ₱ 91,176 and ₱ 145,090 per day, depending on their initial fully refundable deposit to feed the first winning commercial operations.
Bitcoin Lifestyle is an algorithm designed to take money from the richest people in the world and redistribute it among the common people of Philippines. This algorithm literally beats the stock market with an accuracy of 80%, which means that you will earn 8 out of 10 transactions. You may wonder, what will prevent Wall Street billionaires from using this software and making everyone else even poorer? The answer is simple: this software is coded to work only with the Bitcoin Binary Options trading platforms, which means that operations are limited to ₱ 12,950 ($250 USD) per operation. Wall Street is selling billions, so ₱ 12,950 will simply mean nothing to them. This system would really lose money from Wall Street merchants who often market with a minimum of more than 19 billion pesos. However, for ordinary people, this is a huge sum! At the moment, the software has not yet been released to the public, but as Duterte showed us, it already works and generates around ₱ 91,176 and ₱ 145,090 in earnings per day per trading account!
The announcement of the crypto currency initiative.

We interviewed Bitcoin Lifestyle CEO James Dagohoy so he can better explain how Bitcoin Lifestyle works.

Can you tell us how Bitcoin Lifestyle works?
Bitcoin Lifestyle works as a spy team. We have millions of automated robots that go to social networks and collect data in real time: publications, images, texts, videos and anything else that people say publicly. Then we analyze all this data looking for issues related to any publicly traded company. Once we have a certain trend issue related to a large company, we analyze whether the trend is positive or negative. If the trend is positive, we bet on the rise of the stock market, if the trend is negative, we bet that the shares fall. It's that easy.
How often does Bitcoin Lifestyle make an error?
Not very often. What people say on social networks is real, it's valid and it's true, so we rarely make a mistake. We are still in the Beta phase of our software, but it is already showing 87% of successful operations. This means that of every 100 transactions that Bitcoin Lifestyle does automatically, 87 will be profitable.
How much money can a regular Bitcoin Lifestyle user make?
It depends a lot on the money they invest and the agent they work with. Let's take the regular user that starts with ₱ 12,950 ($250 USD) and bets ₱ 500 per trade. Within 24 hours, Bitcoin Lifestyle will conduct around 200 exchanges based on trends in social networks. Around 174 of the transactions will be profitable and 26 will not. This means that the user will earn approximately ₱ 76,874 and lose around ₱ 9,175. Averaging ₱ 67,700 in profit in a single day. There are some small commissions added by the broker, but they are usually less than 2%.
Have any users lost money with these investments?
We have never had a user who has lost their money invested. Even the worst cases we have ever had, they were profitable in the end.
What improvements are Bitcoin Lifestyle working on now?
At this time we can only access the information that people are publicly sharing on social media. Once we exit the Beta version and make Bitcoin Lifestyle available to everyone, we will ask our users for permission to access their sources of individual information. This will give you even more data to work with, making Bitcoin Lifestyle more accurate and letting citizens make even more money.
Individual information? Is it safe to give access to that?
It is 100% safe. We simply request access to view the supply of news using automatic systems. There is no risk that we publish anything in your name. And on top of that, no real human being will read your information supply. All are just algorithms that search for keywords. We take privacy very seriously and will never take any risk to harm our users.
How much will it cost to use the Bitcoin Lifestyle automated system?
We do not know the exact price yet. But the first 1000 places will be free. After that, for regular users, we are thinking of charging ₱ 500,000 a month and one hundred times this for trading companies that want to use Bitcoin Lifestyle. We don't want to interfere in the stock market too much, so places will be limited to 1,000 commercial firms and 1,000,000 regular users.
When will Bitcoin Lifestyle be available?
Coming Soon. We are adding some finishing touches and we will welcome the first members very soon. First, we will open the doors to smaller users: basically regular people and later, only for large commercial companies. Again, the first 1000 people will get a free membership for life.

After the interview, James showed us Bitcoin Lifestyle in action. It was like seeing a miracle for the first time. James's software was making money on autopilot. James was so confident in his software that he offered to give us a free membership so that we could conduct our own independent tests, and we did so.

Mark Patacsil, 24

To save our readers time and verify the functionality of Bitcoin Lifestyle, we asked one of our in-house employees, Mark Patacsil, to register and follow all the steps.


The first step was quite easy: I had to complete information such as name and surname under a video that showed the software in action to random people on the street.

After completing and submitting the form, he was directed to the Bitcoin Lifestyle member page to complete his registration in the system. Everything seemed to be quite easy.

The next step was to place funds in the trading account with a trusted agent. As we headed to the deposit page, Mark received a phone call from the Bitcoin Lifestyle agent. This would be your personal account manager and they wanted to help with any part of the process you had doubts about. With the help of the account manager, the process of placing funds did not take long, since they accept all credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Mark went ahead and deposited the minimum of ₱ 12,950 ($250 USD).

Once the funds were placed, we went to the "Auto Trader" software section, set the recommended amount of trading at ₱ 500 and enabled it. Bitcoin Lifestyle began its operation automatically in front of our eyes and won the majority of trades as claimed. We left it active for a couple of hours and when we returned, Mark already had ₱ 79,676 ($1,592 USD) in his account.

We weren't convinced yet. To ensure that everything was real, Mark requested a withdrawal of ₱ 75,000 to send to his bank account. This process only required 2 or 3 clicks. After 15 minutes, the money was in his bank account! At this point, we all knew the potential of this system. This is real.

We encourage everyone to register and start earning money as soon as possible. At this time, there are just a few thousand members and it is increasing rapidly.

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The incredible has happened: James has just notified us that Bitcoin Lifestyle is live! They are only accepting the first 1,000 new accounts. As of publishing this, there are 937 places left, but it won't be long before all the spaces are filled with this unique opportunity, so hurry up. Click on the link to register now.

Newest update: Only 51 places left. The promotion ends: